Welcome to Commonwealth Plywood’s Flooring Division

At Seasons Flooring, our strength as a leading supplier of quality forest products is guaranteed by our superior resource allocations. Commonwealth Plywood’s forestry operations manage over 25,000 square kilometres of prime crown forest in the province of Quebec on a sustained yield basis. This represents an area greater than the entire state of Vermont.

Our forestry management techniques are among the finest in the world, and our raw material supply is assured by renewable twenty-five year contracts to harvest and manage one of the strongest timber bases in the world. In fact, Commonwealth Plywood spends over $3 million dollars annually in reforestation and other forest improvements.

As a fully integrated forest products company, we are well positioned as one of the world’s long term suppliers of decorative wood products. Through our continued innovation and dynamic leadership, Commonwealth Plywood has assured its place as a reliable supplier in the global forest products industry. We have the consistent quality and dependable supply you require both now and in the future.

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